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Name: eGo-CE5+ Wickless blister pack
Type: eGo Series - CE5+ Wickless
Product Introduction:
1. Length&Diameter: 145mm & 14 mm
2. Resistance: 2.0~2.4 Ohm
3. The tank system allows you to refill oil and clean easily.
4. The tube is made of thick durable plastic to ensure elegant assembly and leakage protection.
5. Top Grade Stoving Varnish, 5 Click shut/off function
6. Normal working voltage: Constant 3.7V
7. Life of battery: 500 times Rechargable 
1. CE5+ Wickless clearomizer: 1 pc
2. 650mAh ego t battery: 1 pc
3. USB charger: 1 pc
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